Safety is our main concern and, for this reason we would kindly require from our guests to complying with safety rules for spending safe and enjoyable experience. By completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in our Boat & Yacht Charter Conditions. Please read the conditions, carefully.


• Please be very careful, especially getting on and getting off from the boat.

• Children should always be supervised. Against to falls, fall into the water and bumps. (Especially while boarding and during cruising as well)• Please take a pill for sea-sick before getting on to the boat

• Please kindly comply with safety rules. You must follow safety regulations. The company will not be held responsible for injury in any way for your own failure.    Avoid sitting on to the hand rails of the boats. Our guests are fully responsible for their own safety inside the boat.

• However, waters of Bosphorus (as being an inner sea) are not bumpy; larger boats & power boats may cause some waves while passing nearby.• Our yachts & boats are equipped with modern life jackets. Please ask for life jackets, especially for small kids and for those cannot swim.

• Our yachts & boats are fully licensed and meet all of the legal requirements, including licensing and insurance rules.

• During the day yacht rental, cabin (room) usage only available for changing clothes or if a guest feel sick then can be used.

• Since there are no safety boxes in our yachts; we would suggest you to leave your valuable stuff at the hotel to avoid any inconvenience.


Once you guarantee your reservation by paying 50% deposit of total amount. Once you book any hours, it will be strict hours.          

Last Minute amendments (changes) are not possible. You can only use reserved hours. Right after your tour, we have to move to pick-up next guests.

• Prices are given per vehicle for yacht and/or chauffeured car (Not per/person basis.)• We reserve the right to alter, postpone or cancel the tour without prior notice; due to unforeseen circumstances. If we have had to cancel the tour because of any unforeseen conditions   (such as technical or because of   weather-forecast authorities warns) then we try to replace it with another yacht, if not possible then we will refund your deposit payment.• “BCT” disclaims any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event that certain sites/monuments included in the program could not be visited with any reason beyond our control.• Bookings for Elegant Class services shall be made at least 24 hours prior. Confirmation of sales department is required as all booking requests are   subject to availability.

• However, we require earlier bookings for your own convenience, to avoid unavailability issues. If in case we have availability, we accept last minute   reservations as-well.

• Please keep in mind that some of the piers are not available to stop, embark/disembark. Namely we are able to stop or dock only at eligible piers.• No hidden costs. However if in case you want to give a halt or disembark at any pier, pier fees will be belonging to our guests.   (We would suggest to start the tours from our own piers in Arnavutkoy and Kuruçeşme to avoide pier fees)• Please note that as a guest you are responsible for damage caused on purpose or by accident by you, your guest (or kids), we keep the right to ask from our guests to cover the amount of the damage.

• Since these boats are produced for daily sightseeing, please do expect slow speed by well-experienced yacht captains.

• Legal noise limits would be applied during the cruise on the Bosphorus after 00:00am (Please do not ask for louder music after 00:00am)

• However, tipping is not compulsory, gratuity to guide, driver, service staff and the yacht captain on organized tours are at your discretion. If required can be paid onto your total bill.

• During the point to point transfers or yacht charter especially for large groups, please be ready at the pier right on time. Except our own piers yacht cannot wait more than 10minutes and not eligible to come back again.• If you are staying at water-front hotels then we can pick you up directly from your hotel’s pier.• For those looking for swimming or sun-bath; sun-cream, sun-glasses, swim-wear, hand & bath towels and a hat and comfortable shoes are recommended.

• The transfer charges are per vehicle basis and valid from European Side of Istanbul. Luxury comfortable sedans/vans are provided for transfers. Please ask for prices of our Premium Class or Elegant Class vehicle prices.