Perfect Romantic night out; imagine a special evening on the water with your beloved one under the spectacular views of the Bosphorus.

Explore Büyükada and get relax by horse-drawn carriage and admire the island's Ottoman-era mansions. By Private Yacht or a Public Ferry!
Discover Istanbul from the sea by our morning cruise including a perfect Turkish breakfast and enjoy viewing the wooden mansions and the palaces of the Sultans.
Giving the chance to see beauty of Istanbul by the sea and experience the Bosphorus Strait is the most special gift you could present to your guests during your private invitations.
What could be more romantic than proposing in the sunset with a glass of champagne in your hands? Under famous Bosphorus bridge between two continents...EuroAsia.
Enjoy a day out at sea; swimming, relaxing and admiring the perfect back drop of Istanbul shores. we offer either the Black Sea at Poyrazköy, or to the Princes' Islands.
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